I Learned Something Today: Dig Dug

If it weren’t for Dig Dug, I’m pretty sure that I would have made the mistake of calling either the exterminator or the X-COM team if I discovered Pookas and Fygars in the sub-surface of my front yard. ¬†Fortunately, I had Dig Dug to teach me in the early days of gaming that the proper… Continue reading

Freddie25 Does Video Game Music Right

Here we have a double dose some very entertaining video game music videos produced by Youtuber Freddie25. Mr 25 is quite the versatile musician. First, we have his one man band rendition of the theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. If we counted correctly, we had up to 19 different “instruments” that… Continue reading

Old School Video Game Propaganda

One trait that all fans of old school video games share is their ability to interpret the rudimentary graphics and use their imagination to get absorbed in a much denser world surrounding the actual game. Artist Steve Thomas has taken his interpretations a step further and created a series of propaganda posters for classic games… Continue reading