Tried It: Defiance

I’ve got a fairly diverse game collection. Indie, a few sports, some classics, WRPGs, shooters, sandboxes, strategy – in fact, the only traditionally console-based genre you won’t find in my library is JRPGs, which I’ve talked about before. However, with the release of Defiance, I’ve had the opportunity to get into one of the most… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: Celebrate While There is Still Time

PAX Prime always signals the end of the summer gaming drought for me. The final hype before the big push into the major release months. Hats off to Konami for making its presence known this year, but MGS updates seem about as interesting as Final Fantasy updates these days. We wrapped up our monthly look… Continue reading

Save the Superheroes – The Horrible Show #314

The history and the present state of superhero video games are starting to have a lot of similarities. Justin, Ethan and Josh look to their favorites and the missteps to try to solve the Superman problem and give superhero fans the games they deserve. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as… Continue reading

City of Heroes wants some of this Free-to-Play Action

Massively multiplayer games hate charging players money, so it comes as a relief to know that many are turning to the free-to-play or hybrid model where paying is an option. City of Heroes will be repackaged and served up as City of Heroes: Freedom in the coming months with this free-to-play scheme in place. Current subscribers won’t… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Characters Without Character

There’s a reason not every game allows you to customize your character or even create one from scratch. Video games’ icons may have been made before gamers’ had the option of creating their own versions. However, some games are much more engrossing for those personal touches you can throw on your avatar. So where is… Continue reading

The Games of August: Football Foreshadowing

August may be light on the major console releases, aside from Madden, but the downloadable titles are looking strong. This month always signifies the upcoming flood of games for the holiday season, so choose wisely this month as more games are coming soon. Here’s what to be on the look out for during the Month… Continue reading