Hey! Listen! Tiny Barbarian DX Soundtrack by Jeff Ball

Well, Ethan raved about it in his review of Tiny Barbarian DX, but I had to listen to the soundtrack myself. Holy hell, if this doesn’t make you want to embark on a retro barbarian adventure, you need to get in touch with your gaming roots. Nailed it. The music definitely envokes a sense of… Continue reading

Chiptune Flavored Music from Square Enix

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Square Enix was going to be releasing a 20 disc! Mana soundtrack. Well, that’s not the only soundtrack Square plans on releasing this year. On September 9, Square will be releasing what they are calling SQ Chips. It will be a chiptune flavored soundtrack set consisting of… Continue reading

Chip Music Appreciation Part 2

I’m sure by now that most of you are somewhat familiar with the concept of the chip music (aka chiptune) genre. It’s growing in popularity and has been making a comeback in modern gaming as well as branching into both film and TV. We covered the basics of what it is and how it’s generated… Continue reading