Radio Waves for 02/08/13

I never thought I would be considering rehab. First, let me explain that I’ve got a problem. It’s not a “real” problem like being trapped in a gauntlet of traps run by a puppet, but is a problem nonetheless. When I first started gaming, it was an affair that required a computer, a monitor and… Continue reading

Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition Review: Bend It Like… That Zombie’s Neck

So I’ve just put down the iPad for long enough to write this quick review before I get back to blasting zombies with my amazing soccer skills! Touch Those Zombies So when it comes to iOS games there seems to be a few pretty distinct categories of games. You have your cute game, your zombie… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Squishy and Juicy Meat

Every day, Horrible Night is on the look out for the most interesting news items in the gaming industry to pass along to you with our unique take. The articles that just miss the cut end up in the Shiny Objects feed which can be viewed here (or on the sidebar of the site) and subscribed to here. Each… Continue reading