Thank You from A Call to Gamers and the 24 Hour Charity Co-op Couch

This weekend with your help, A Call to Gamers was able to raise awareness and $1,130 in donations for Child’s Play during our 24 Hour Charity Co-op Couch. I’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude. First of all, to those of you who hung out with us during the livestream, thanks for motivating… Continue reading

Now Taking Donations for Gaming Our Asses Off Plus Progress Update #1

We are happy to announce that our charity competition, Gaming Our Asses Off, is now officially accepting donations to Child’s Play. Choose Your Player and Donate Here. Your generous donation will go directly to Child’s Play. Our goals are only to help spread the awareness of Child’s Play and the Gaming Our Asses Off competition… Continue reading

Mario Marathon 5 Begins June 22nd, Good Summer Gaming for a Good Cause

For the past few years, my summers have consisted of intense heat, lazy afternoons and the Mario Marathon, a charitable online event in which gamers play a predetermined list of Mario’s greatest hits that spans several days. This year’s Mario Marathon 5 begins on Friday, June 22nd at 11am EDT. Based in Lafayette, Indiana, Mario… Continue reading

24 Hour Charity Marathon Challenges and Questions

Just a few days left until the A Call to Gamers’ 1st 24 Hour Charity Gaming Marathon for Child’s Play – Friday 10/14 at 7pm EST. We still need help getting the word out to help raise donations so RSVP on our Facebook Event page and help us get as many gaming sessions going throughout the event.… Continue reading

Introducing A Call to Gamers

Aside from writing and producing partially entertaining editorial content about video games, there has always been another piece to the Horrible Night puzzle. Once we published Cole’s first Think of the Children article we realized that not only did our group share a passion for the video game industry but we also wanted to find ways… Continue reading

Blizzard Provides $800,000 to Make-A-Wish Foundation Through WoW Pet Purchases

In general, video game players haven’t been looked upon as people who care about anyone but their avatar. However, a recent charitable piece of downloadable content has improved the image of those same gamers. Blizzard released a downloadable pet for World of Warcraft players called the “Moonkin Hatchling” for $10. Half of those proceeds went to the… Continue reading