I’ll Trade You Cherry Garcia for Dead Space

Someone mentions lobsters, you know they’re talking about Maine. Someone mentions the death penalty, they’re talking about Texas. Someone mentions some dude eating someone else’s face off, Florida. Get the idea? Now, quick: a publicly elected law enforcement official spends tax dollars to give kids ice cream in return for turning in their ‘violent’ video games…. Continue reading

Wanted or Needed: A Question of Violence

As some of you may know from previous articles/podcasts, I’ll be embarking on an international adventure at the end of the summer. My wife, the perpetual ladder climber that she is, has accepted a really great position within her company, a position that requires us to move from Indianapolis, Indiana to Berlin, Germany for about… Continue reading

Not Playing Video Games Can Kill

The talking heads in our culture like to dissuade others from partaking in certain activities by making outrageous claims about those particular activities. While some of this fear mongering actually does apply to truly life threatening scenarios (such as smoking, eating too much or hang-gliding over broken glass) many others aren’t exactly steeped in fact. The… Continue reading