Gaming Lifestyle: The Plight of a Cat Owning Gamer

Like many of my fellow gaming fanatics, I am a cat owner. I wasn’t always a cat owner, but my experience with dogs during my younger years made me realize that I’m not quite ready for the responsibility that owning a canine entails. Cats are inherently independent and rarely require much outside of a clean… Continue reading

Gaming Connoisseur: Gaming Marathons Part 1: Preparation

What I consider a gaming marathon today was actually just called gaming back when I was a young lad (what I call responsibility today was also vastly different as cleaning my room is one of many things I have to do now, oh childhood, how I squandered you). Today’s adult gamer just doesn’t have the… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Marathon Requirements

There’s no hope of going outside this week with the icepocalypse upon us so we ask The Cursed: What are your requirements for a gaming marathon?¬†This week we are joined by JDevL, Colefacekilla, Wizardtrain187, GiffTor, Coopopolopolis, streetalchemist, and EndlessBen. Colefacekilla I don’t really have needs or crutches anymore. I used to always have a can… Continue reading

Games of Our Wives: World of Zoo

Saying my wife dislikes video games is like saying people who are lactose intolerant get uncomfortable after ingesting milk. Her disdain for my beloved form of entertainment has all the power of a post milkshake diarrhea blast and if she had it her way, the medium wouldn’t exist. Boy was I surprised when she walked… Continue reading