The Horrible Show #503 – Buying All The Fun

Jason survives SXSW and snowy Arkansas no thanks to the guns he made in Starbound. Jordan tries to cheer up Dracula with weapon grinding and thievery. Justin isn’t about to put his balls in a box unless it gives bad karma and a Second Son. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as… Continue reading

Super Gaming Best Friends #301 – Nonsense of Scale

When Super Gaming Best Friends become one for the third time it is a very special thing. Justin, Cole, and Josh reunite an in epic fashion that only giant robots, created characters, alien invasions, and WWE network subscribers understand. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on their… Continue reading

The Horrible Show #502 – About Your Living Situation

Justin ruins more memories of his childhood but sticks with Strider. Ethan and Jason are put in charge of yet another village. Plus the return of Phil Fish, clicking fatigue, exciting ghosts, Space Jam, giant robots, and early access chaos. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss a variety of… Continue reading

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Welcomes Dracula to the the Digital Age

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was a solid game that I never got around to finishing. A trailer for the sequel, currently known as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 was shown this weekend at the VGA’s and looks to bring a certain vampire named Dracula to modern times. Is the 21st century ready for vampires and… Continue reading

MercurySteam Wants to Finish the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Story and Move On

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has left quite an impression with our Castlevania crew here at Horrible Night. This is in no small part thanks to the spoilery revelations displayed in the Lords of Shadow 2 trailer. With 3DS release in Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate also in the works, fans like me were definitely… Continue reading

E3 12: Third Party Party – The Cursed Checkpoint #e312d

All of the attention turns to the games of E3 2012 as Justin, Ethan, and Josh recap the Konami, EA, and Ubisoft press conferences. There are also plenty of other games to talk about outside of the conferences including the best looking game of E3. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on… Continue reading