Hey! Play! Elephant Quest

Few people understand what it truly means to love someone, or something, in the case of the elephant star of the RPG platformer Elephant Quest. A jerk-off woolly mammoth has decided he likes your hat better than his and takes it by force, leaving our trunked protagonist angry and alone. Revenge, like usual appears to be… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Tasty Planet

There’s nothing quite like an underdog story, and in a strange sort of way that’s what Tasty Planet basically is. Starting out as a tiny little blob the size of a microbe, you consume the little things around you and increase in size, further expanding your potential for consumption. The mechanic is a bit like Beautiful… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Armor Mayhem

I didn’t expect much when I came across Armor Mayhem while procrastinating at the office.  People tend to attach mayhem to things as a means of grabbing some one’s attention and seldom does it aptly describe the item. I’m happy to report that Armor Mayhem does contain both armor and mayhem as well as being… Continue reading

CityVille Infects 22 Million Brains

People who love browser games with meth like addictive qualities but aren’t so interested in farming, rejoiced this month when CityVille was introduced. Not surprisingly, Zynga’s newest title has already attracted quite a following (a 22 million player following) in as little as eleven days! That’s equivalent to my home town of Indianapolis’s population multiplied… Continue reading

Instant Action, a game changer?

Games in your Browser! G4 recently posted an article that consisted entirely of a 20 minute playable demo of the PC game, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. The post uses a service called Instant Action to embed what is essentially a rich media Java-based game launcher. The launcher works by clicking a button… Continue reading