Hey! Play! Random Heroes

Just when you thought it was safe to vandalize  gravestones, two emo kids come along and discover that getting in trouble by their parents would have been a more prefered consequence for disrespecting the dead as their exploits open up a portal to a hostile world. Fortunately for them (though I assume they died as a result) and the… Continue reading

Hey! Play! PoleRiders

I was recently approached by our own Joshlee Dot Com about partaking in a bit of “pole riding” after we finished up a live podcast.  It was late in the evening and I was too tired to resist, so I agreed to the activity despite not knowing what it was (Joshlee Dot Com has trusting eyes and… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Defend Your Nuts

As gamers, we tend to forget that our furry, nature based friends have conflicts of their own but monsters and other inhabitants of of the darkside are equal opportunity when it comes to causing problems. Defend Your Nuts may sound like something you do after making a chauvinistic remark, but it quite literally tells the… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Papa’s Taco Mia!

Ever since my best friend started running a Tex-Mex style eatery out in Montana (The Silver Tip, great reviews and a solid chap behind the counter, tell Matt that Ethan sent you), I’ve been curious about what it takes to run such a joint on a day to day basis.  His descriptions of long days and getting… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Castaway 2

Grab your browser window, add a cup of Secret of Mana and a dash of Pokemon and presto, you’ve got the browser based action RPG Castaway 2 to help you kill time between trashcan basketball games. Castaway 2 tells the not so unfamiliar tale of a plucky young boy lost on a mystical island. Being that he’s not exactly sure how… Continue reading

Dead Frontier Gives Players a Cost Effective Way to Battle the Undead

With the release of the Call of Duty: Black Ops new DLC Escalation and its zombie level Call of the Dead having been released yesterday, the zombie craze that just won’t die is back and strong as ever (pun intended).  For those of you that own a PS3, don’t have $15.00  or just want to shoot… Continue reading

Gaikai Wants to Bring AAA Titles to Your Browser

When it comes to hyping a product, adding “{product name} is the {type of item product is} of the future” will guarantee millions of sales. I think this has a lot to do with the future scenes in Back to the Future 2 because frankly everything that existed there (hoverboards, self drying jackets) was pretty awesome. Since… Continue reading