Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon WILL Win Game of the Year Based on Trailer Alone

Today I woke up to a gray sky, an aching tummy (compliments of this stupid idea) and a general state of melancholy.  The twinkle in my eye struggled to find its way to the surface and my usual glee decided to take a mental health day. With politicians widening the gap between the haves and… Continue reading

Free Lives Shows Off Early Footage of “Choppa Run” Mode for Broforce

Free Lives Games recently posted a video on Youtube showing off some early game footage of one of the many competitive modes that will be included in their upcoming ode to all things bro, Broforce. Called “Choppa Run”, 2-4 bros are tasked with scaling to the top of hazard filled towers in hopes of being… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Dudebro 2 Trailer

While we have our own unofficial Save the Bros cause here at HN, it’s always nice to see others pick up the banner. The Grimoire Assembly Forge development team born of NeoGAF members released a trailer for a new vision of its game Dudebro 2: Before we get too far, yes, that was the voice… Continue reading

Brotabulous Moments in Gaming Episode 1: Black Mesa

Ethan’s time in Black Mesa, the full conversion mod of Half-Life, started out a bit depressing as he relived the disastrous beginning of the end for the Black Mesa staff. Fortunately for him, a brotabulous moment occurred and made his trip through the chaos considerably more pleasurable. This video is intended for a mature audience:… Continue reading

Broforce Interview with Evan Greenwood – The Cursed Checkpoint #126

The prototype for Broforce was pretty much a calling for our brothusiast, Ethan. He joins Free Lives’ Creative Director, Evan Greenwood, to discuss the game, the true definition of bro, how to survive the flying sharks of South Africa, and more. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews… Continue reading

Gaming Advocate: Save the Game Boobies

In this society obsessed with political correctness, it’s sometimes difficult to be honest without feeling the wrath of the oversensitive and insecure. I happen to be a fan of honesty; in fact I believe it’s the best policy. That’s why I’m perfectly fine with admitting that I enjoy looking at the nude and/or semi nude female form…. Continue reading