Played Batman: Arkham Knight – Meaningless Car Metaphors

I kind of feel like a dick for how I’ve treated Arkham Knight. It has been subject to a lot of criticism from me throughout its development. That criticism comes from a positive place though. Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite games of all time, if not just my favorite superhero game. Stop and… Continue reading

Charlie Murder Thickens as Ska Studios Reports In

Just in case you were worried about Charlie Murder, Ska Studios has just checked in with an overview video and let’s just say the game is a bit more ambitious than the sneak peek we got back at PAX ’11. Chuck (can I call you Chuck?) and his crew have evolved into a “BrawlPG” complete… Continue reading

Foul Play Classes Up Its Brawling for Theatrical Audience

Multiplayer beat-em ups will always have a place in my downloadable library. Foul Play is looking to bring a bit more class to the genre and to XBLA with its old-fashioned brawling style. Foul Play stars Baron Dashforth as he reenacts his true life story of daemon hunting for a in-game theater audience. It “is… Continue reading

Spider-man & Venom: Maximum Carnage Retro Review: Don’t Spawn Your Symbiote

Some things are better left to history. Cartridge games and Topher Grace playing Venom are probably two of them, but 3/4 view beat-em-ups and awesome soundtracks aren’t, particularly when they’re coupled together. When you consider a game from 1994 whose “awesome soundtrack” was written by Green Jellÿ (no, seriously, go watch that video), what seemed like damn… Continue reading

The Adventures of Bayou Billy Retro Review: No Big Easy Mode

The Adventures of Bayou Billy might have flown under many radars when it was first released in North American in June of 1989. It had previously been released under the nom de guerre “Mad City” in August 1988 in Japan, where surprisingly it was much easier than its region 1 counterpart. Because Bayou Billy was so… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Final Fight

Crime doesn’t pay, but despite that it continues to infest my streets. Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps crime does pay but that doesn’t mean its the right thing to do. I’m tired of stepping over doped up transients and wiping away the tears of orphaned children. I decided that it was time for me to take… Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Holds Your Attention Ransom

The quality downloadable titles just keep coming. We have a new trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, but don’t let the PlayStation branding fool you, this game is coming to XBLA as well this August. Right now the game looks like an amped up version of the classic beat-em up, River City… Continue reading