Hey! Play! Bombermine is 1,000 Player Bomberman

There have been a surprising number of new Bomberman games this generation, but everyone has their favorite classic version to point to. Honestly, I thought the series peaked with 4 players until I got into a few awesome 8 player matches. So maybe more is better, or at least worth trying for free. Bombermine is… Continue reading

Bomberman LIVE: Battlefest Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

One of the first great XBLA multiplayer games, at least for the Horrible Night crew, is getting a sequel on Dec 8th. Bomberman LIVE: Battlefest continues the classic franchise with its second outing on XBLA. Expect the always fun and frantic Bomberman gameplay with support for 8-players online. Additions include new weapons and four new… Continue reading