REPLY TO ALL: Download Experimentation

Starbreeze (The Riddick Games, The Darkness, Syndicate) recently announced they are developing an exclusive game for PSN. What major developer would you like to see take a crack at a smaller downloadable title, and what do you think they would try and make? Or do you think they should stick with their AAA titles? Want… Continue reading

Skyrim Contains an Unlimited Number of Quests

If there’s ever been a question about a game’s replay-ability then Skyrim director Todd Howard is trying to put that fear to rest by stating The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features an infinite quest system which will give players an unlimited amount of things to do. Very bold, indeed. Radiant Storytelling The aggressive statement is made based on the knowledge… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: I Will Define You

The releases keep on coming, and it has been a while since id joined the party. However, PC’s and game reviewers were left as confused as Xbox 360 cable subscribers in the end. Locally we are focused on our two upcoming events while cranking through our play queue as fast as October will allow. Every… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Rage

So you’re one of the select few that have been chosen to survive whatever apocalyptic situation is set to befall the Earth. Wow, congratulations, forgive me for not jumping for joy as I make peace with my own mortality. Despite my urge to strangle you, cut off your face and wear it in hopes of… Continue reading

Mojang and Bethesda to Officially Fight Over a Single Word in Real Live Courtroom

A few months back, Markus “Notch” Perrson (creator of Minecraft and head of Mojang Studios) spoke about the legal action AAA studio Bethesda was bringing against Mojang’s newest title Scrolls.  Bethesda created a game franchise called The Elder Scrolls which is an open world action RPG set in a fantasy realm. Mojang’s Scrolls (the assumption is that these scrolls… Continue reading

Rage is Rising

Confession time: I have not been the least bit excited about Rage, even though id Software and their games are always worth talking about. Up until this week, everything about Rage seemed like it had done before. Wasteland post-apocalyptic setting, FPS gameplay, vehicular combat. All added on top of the bad taste left in my… Continue reading