Kid and Play: Plants vs. Zombies Co-op with my Son

Today I’m introducing a new series to IGWT: Kid and Play. No, it’s not about the visceral Chucky doll, it’s about getting involved as a parent with your child in video games. I’m sure adult gamers have visions of playing co-op with their children much like most dads seem to envision playing catch in the backyard…. Continue reading

Top 3 game types for young gamers

I recently wrote an article about playing Turtles in Time with my son. It was fun to watch my 4 year old navigate the screen, fighting foot soldiers with his tongue hanging out half the time as he concentrated. It got me thinking: What game types would be best for teach a kid how to… Continue reading

Are adult gamers weird?

The Today Show took an opportunity to give a thoughtful commentary on adult gamers only to troll the thought on national television. That may be harsh, but if someone said some of the stuff they did in comments we, as a community, would likely point our fingers in disgust and proclaim, “Trolls!”

Giving pro gaming a little love

I came across several posts over the Kotaku article about professional gaming’s economic downturn. Jen Schiller, the author of the article, proceeds to bash the interviewee (David Treacy a.k.a. Zaccubus) and professional gaming in general. After reading the original article posted by Alienware, and then the Kotaku article, and back again I began thinking…”What pissed… Continue reading

Anti-streaming Bill (S.978) may be trouble for YouTube/JTV game streamers

A bill has been proposed that, if taken in a certain context, could mean video game streamers on sites like YouTube, and UStream could be potentially shut down or thrown in jail. Typically, I’m not one to jump the gun on a story, but this is something that caught my eye.