I Learned Something Today: Doom

Well, it finally happened. Hell is here and it is all our fault. No time to dwell on our mistakes, but what can you do when demons start pouring through portals? Me? I hid. I don’t mess with demons. Luckily, I found a bad ass marine carving a trail through the horde and I was… Continue reading

Horrible Night Out 7/8 – Net Heads Mario Madness – Indianapolis (Updated)

  It’s summer. Get out of the house… and come play some video games with us. We’re heading back to Net Heads and we want you and your friends to come along. Join us for a Horrible Night Out on July 8th at 8pm. In addition to playing the latest games on the plethora of… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Characters Without Character

There’s a reason not every game allows you to customize your character or even create one from scratch. Video games’ icons may have been made before gamers’ had the option of creating their own versions. However, some games are much more engrossing for those personal touches you can throw on your avatar. So where is… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Gaming Injuries

Every occupation or hobby has its hazards (football players blow out their knees and end their careers early; lawyers drink too much and die of cirrhosis, stamp collectors…okay, almost every hobby). Over the years, after plenty of competitive battles and awkward gaming accessories, gaming has had its dangerous moments. The Cursed gather to discuss their… Continue reading

Hey! Look! Real Life Combat Strategies for Torchlight 2 Monsters

I’m usually a big fan of Runic Games, but a recent announcement about Torchlight 2 has not sat well with me, and it’s time to speak out. As some of you may have seen, Runic offered up a preview of a few of the creatures that will inhabit Torchlight 2, but in their excitement failed… Continue reading