Crash Some Castles on Steam in Less than a Week

Those of you that are snobby, PC only gamers (I’m 89% there) probably never had the joy of playing The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers. That is going to change on September 26th as medieval themed beat-em up will be hitting the imaginary shelves of Steam. Rejoice citizens, the day is good. This really is a great game and… Continue reading

Foul Play Classes Up Its Brawling for Theatrical Audience

Multiplayer beat-em ups will always have a place in my downloadable library. Foul Play is looking to bring a bit more class to the genre and to XBLA with its old-fashioned brawling style. Foul Play stars Baron Dashforth as he reenacts his true life story of daemon hunting for a in-game theater audience. It “is… Continue reading

Castle Crashers On Sale On XBLA Until May 21

Castle Crashers has been one of the long-standing champions of Xbox Live Arcade, but recently it’s been met with some ferocious competition. The Behemoth decided that it would try to help those who haven’t purchased the game yet (which is still wildly popular) by slashing its price in half to 600 MS Points. You might be thinking, “I… Continue reading

Charlie Murder Trailer Promises Murderous Fun

While wondering the massive floor maze at Pax Prime ’11, one of my favorite surprises was stumbling across a little booth tucked away in the corner, showcasing a game that I didn’t even know was in the works. Ska Studios, famous for their ultra-violent beat ’em up series The Dishwasher, change things up and goes… Continue reading

Spider-man & Venom: Maximum Carnage Retro Review: Don’t Spawn Your Symbiote

Some things are better left to history. Cartridge games and Topher Grace playing Venom are probably two of them, but 3/4 view beat-em-ups and awesome soundtracks aren’t, particularly when they’re coupled together. When you consider a game from 1994 whose “awesome soundtrack” was written by Green Jellÿ (no, seriously, go watch that video), what seemed like damn… Continue reading