HoNight Game Night – Awesomenauts Tuesday at 8pm EST

It has been way too long since our last community game night, so why not revisit one of our favorites? This Tuesday starting at 8pm EST, you’re invited to join the Horrible Night staff for another HoNight Game Night featuring Awesomenauts. We’ll be playing the PC version of Awesomenauts which features 6 player 3-on-3 matches…. Continue reading

Night Force Action Report #105 – Khajerk Ride Along

Aaron returns from the cabin in the woods with plenty of loot and friendly demons. Ethan drives his truck to MOBA training. Justin tries to avoid killing his companions with Steam trading cards. Plus Cthulhu and the best food in the galaxy. Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game podcast where the HorribleNight.com… Continue reading

HoNight Game Night with Awesomenauts – Fishy Tribute Video

After a recent community gaming night featuring 3 hours of Awesomenauts, the players bonded over the unique characters in the game. Of course developing nicknames for the characters and one another is always easier than calling them by the correct names, and it’s more fun when the names are slightly offensive. Thanks to Dean, Verdian,… Continue reading

Testing Pods with Justin and Ethan – Stop Talking About VR and Fix Your Webcam

One more test episode before we debut the new format of whatever the boys decide to call this show. In the mean time they have Oculus Rift and Zombicide tales, a dissection of action RPGs, a trip back to Skyrim, and a pitch for a game to represent every fad of this generation. This show… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #006: The I in Team

I have to hand it to Ronimo Games for its year-long and impressive support of Awesomenauts. I hadn’t played the game in over 9 months, and its appearance in the most recent Humble Bundle reminded me just how busy Ronimo has been at updating the game with new characters, customization options, and overall balancing. It… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: Thanks, Docs

TGS was strangely light on stories of interest last week or maybe I was just in shock from the industry losing two of my favorite leaders. As sickness struck our podcasting crew, we quickly regrouped for a pair of videos and checkpoints while Brandon took on the Wall Street Journal. Last Week’s Headlines 1100 Rock… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: Kickstarter Holodeck

If anyone can build the stepping stones to bringing the holodeck in real life, I trust in John Carmack. Also, I gotta say Conan’s Clueless Gamer series is really winning me over. Horrible Night Out – Hard and High was a success, thanks to all that made it out. Finally, it looks like Cole and… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: Play Nicer

Game publishers will try and bend the rules as much as they can, which is why it is so satisfying when they snap back in their face like Sony and EA this week. Our week focused on charity donations, indie Tetris movies, retro game collecting, game night announcements, and pinball, so there’s a lot of… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Not How They Drew It Up

Sparks of creativity were overshadowed by the dramatic conclusion and closure of 38 Studios. The industry responded with an outpouring of support and potential job opportunities for the laid off team. Our week was focused on the enjoyable screening of Indie Game: The Movie and a lively debate centered around the rise and future of… Continue reading

Gamer’s Journey: The Rewards of Going Indie: Part One – Accidentally Breaking New Ground

by with Comments Off on Gamer’s Journey: The Rewards of Going Indie: Part One – Accidentally Breaking New Ground

I’ve always been an exploratory gamer both inside the games themselves and outside as I try to find new gaming experiences as often as possible. That’s why this generation of games has been so exciting. Thanks to digital distribution and an increase in gaming platforms there are more games readily available than ever before. Of… Continue reading