Just Cause 3 – Games of 2015

I missed out on the absurdity that was Just Cause 2 so when I saw Just Cause 3 demoed at E3 last summer, I said, “Holy shit, infinite C4?” Then I said, “I will not miss out again.” This isn’t the best game I’ve ever played. It isn’t the prettiest, it’s not the shooting-est, it’s… Continue reading

Game Curious Mad Max – Literal Sand Box

I feel like I’ve been here before, but I’ve never actually been here. When something as influential as Mad Max takes decades off, its fans are going to fill in the gaps. There’s something about playing the real deal though, and Max has taken so many lessons from other great action games that he manages… Continue reading

Six Months of Just Cause 2 Stats Capture the Chaos

I have never hidden my adoration for Just Cause 2. It’s arguably the craziest sandbox that you could freefall into with a rocket launcher. After 6 months of pure mayhem, Square Enix has pulled together gameplay statistics on just what exactly has been going on in their video game tropical island paradise of Panau. From… Continue reading