The Horrible Show 08-25-10: Franchise Players

Riding our ego wave from last week, Justin, Cole, Ethan, and Christina set their sights on helping to improve a few game franchises. Fans of Resident Evil, Fallout, Crackdown, BioShock, Final Fantasy, Mario, Prince of Persia, and Battlefield beware. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow We’ve got ideas. They may or may not be… Continue reading

Red Dead Addiction

I was a little behind on playing Red Dead Redemption, but when I finally played it, I was glad I had. One of the initial reasons why I avoided such a game is I seem to have a problem with games that take place in desert/post apocalyptic settings. I believe that it stems from my… Continue reading

I’m An Achievement Whore

My name is coopopolopolis, and I’m an achievement whore. So I’ll be the first to admit that Microsoft, in my opinion, had a moment of genius with their Achievement/Gamerscore system. Let me back up a bit and explain where I’m coming from. I’ll start by saying I’m a very shallow gamer. I’ve owned almost every… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Zombie Cowboys Use Their Real Names

Every day, Horrible Night is on the look out for the most interesting news items in the gaming industry to pass along to you with our unique take. The articles that just miss the cut end up in the Shiny Objects feed which can be viewed here (or on the sidebar of the site) and subscribed to here. Each… Continue reading