Hey! Watch! Animal Crossing’s The Villager Goes Medieval in Skyrim

I’d be really curious to see what the cross-section of Skyrim fans and Animal Crossing fans looks like. I’d have to guess it has to be someone like myself because witnessing a trailer for the The Villager mod in Skyrim made me laugh harder than even that ridiculous Macho Man dragon. Everything starts off nice… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! K.K. and Friends Animal Crossing Remix Album

The first time I discovered K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing changed my entire outlook on the series. Until that point, I just did my daily chores, decorated my home, and asked myself why I was playing the game before playing again the next day. Afterwards not only did I start adjusting my Saturday night plans… Continue reading

Horrible Times #415: The Deal With It

We’ll never really know what happened behind the scenes of Adam Orth’s resignation at Microsoft. Sure his #dealwithit comment was a bit misguided, but it was also mostly true. Whether or not the next Xbox is always online or online only, our devices are more connected every day. Fighting it is a bit futile. Beyond… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Animal Crossing

I thought I was careful when I chose a remote but close-knit rural town to settle down in. Moving is scary enough when you don’t know anyone, but now I’m thinking remote towns should are that way for a reason as I learned the lessons of Animal Crossing. The Lessons of Animal Crossing Your landlord does… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Your Stupid Accessories

We’ve all been suckered into a few great but mostly terrible accessories to enhance our favorite games. Where to even begin? Alex (streetalchemist) That’s an easy one. The gaming accessory I regret the most was the Reality Quest “Glove” controller for the original Playstation. This thing was awful. Sure it might have looked badass and made you… Continue reading

Memorable Multiplayer – The Horrible Show 030911

It’s time to get ready to shoot some friends so Justin, Cole, Ethan, Gifford, and Christina revisit their multiplayer gaming history. From Atari to Xbox Live, Breakout to Worms, Gears of War to Double Dribble, we define our favorite era of multiplayer. Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow Our competitive blood is boiling… Continue reading

The Horrible Show 11-24-10: Games of Shame for Grown-Ass Men

The guys spill their guts this week when Justin, Cole, and Ethan unveil their games of shame. Animal Crossing, Zombie Run, flower, Cubivore, and others come out from the shadows for judgment and to face new and questionable ratings system. Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow Apologies for the audio difficulties and volume levels… Continue reading