The Fallen Heroes of Video Game Power Up Addiction

Video game characters tend to have the odds stacked against them when first setting out on their specific video game quests. While their base abilities are quite astonishing, they sometimes have to take advantage of performance enhancing items (power ups) to give them the edge they need in order to defeat giant robots and save… Continue reading

Pitched: The Altered Beast Movie

There are a ton of games out there that could easily be made into palatable movies, but I wanted to start big while at the same time resurrecting a franchise that essentially shaped my adolescent life, so I went with Altered Beast. Why Altered Beast, you may ask? Well, before I punch you in the… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: The Next Video Game TV Series

The Red Faction franchise is gearing up for its next game release and the TV series. Surprisingly, the trailer for the show doesn’t look terrible. What other game franchise would you like to see get a TV series? No cartoons, and no Mass Effect (because, well, we already know that would be sweet). Ben (EndlessBen) Oh… Continue reading