Mail This: Invade Already!

Dear Malevolent Interstellar Invaders, Whether you’re an insectiform hive intent on wiping out any and all competitors, a reptilian dynastic empire driven to conquer and enslave all life, or synthetic super-collective whose prime directive is to assimilate intelligent life everywhere in a quest for god-hood… would you hurry up and invade already? Look, I know that… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Reality Kills

Maybe we are taking this a bit too seriously lately. But let’s face it, when things get real, gamers are better prepared for extreme situation than any subculture. When aliens with time controlling power-ups attack we will be right there on the frontlines, behind Ethan. So let’s face our fears and throw out the game… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Aliens vs Predator

It’s pretty easy to assume that outer space battles will be much like those we’re familiar with on Earth. However, outer space does what it wants and its denizens follow a strict lifestyle of not giving a (insert favorite curse word here). Perhaps out space battles aren’t your thing, but just in case here are… Continue reading