Game Curious Splatoon – You’ve Got Ink On You

It’s been a while since I was actually interested in a multiplayer game with random strangers from the start. Usually I’ll warm up with some friends and if I like it enough, I’ll go public. Nintendo had my best interests in mind with Splatoon because it turns out that playing a fun game with other… Continue reading

God Mode Reflex Review: As Simple as Exploding a Skeleton Warrior

I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t have picked up God Mode if a.) Justin Lacey didn’t suggest it and b.) it was more than $9.99. That being said, I’m glad that those two conditions contributed to my latest purchase as God Mode is a pretty good example on how to do a budget game right…. Continue reading

Warframe Beta Impressions: Free Power Suits and Swords

Warframe came straight out of left field. The name couldn’t be more generic, yet the game is a surprisingly competent mix of co-op, third person shooting and acrobatic sword slashing. Best of all, it’s free. Josh and Justin are joined by community member Verdian for some fun times in space with Digital Extreme’s Warframe Beta. This video… Continue reading

Blue Stinger Retro Review: The Dive Bar of Dreamcast Games

To this day, I don’t really know what Blue Stinger was actually about. I was an angsty teenager when I last played it  so my emotional pursuit of the opposite sex and a tendency to fall asleep listening to Linkin Park more than muffled the intricate details of my semi-adulthood. I can piece together bits… Continue reading

Hybrid Video Reflex Review: Jet Packs Everywhere

What made the dudes at 5th Cell decide to take a break from Drawing and Scribbling to create a futuristic third person shooter? You won’t find that answer in this video! What you will find, though, is Hybrid – a wholly competent competitive shooter with a tactical movement mechanic that actually works. Even if I… Continue reading

Max Payne 3 Video Reflex Review: The Only Way He Knows How

I haven’t always been in Rockstar’s corner. Originally, it drew me in with its knack for fun and addictive gameplay in gritty realistic worlds. Over the next few years though, the gameplay started to wane and every sandbox felt the same, just as its true talent for dramatic narrative and memorable characters took over. I… Continue reading

Super Monday Night Combat Accidentally Skips Beta and is Playable Now

As if joining the ranks of the industry changing free-to-play games wasn’t enough, Super Monday Night Combat recently underwent a non-traditional launch as well. Uber Entertainment had planned on issuing a series of beta invites but those invites created some “silliness” and “wonkiness” so Uber just ran with it and opened up the game to everyone… Continue reading