I Learned Something Today: BioShock

I’ve fallen victim to the grass is always greener mentality several times in my life. I’ve moved across the city, across the state, and across the country looking for answers to small and large questions. Searching for home or just searching for thrills, it didn’t matter. However, when you get too far off the beaten… Continue reading

Duke Nukem Forever’s PR Firm Thinks PR Means Pissed Revenge

As many of you may know already, Duke Nukem Forever didn’t exactly dazzle anyone despite the insane amount of teasing and hype surrounding its long awaited release. Feeling the need to imitate a mother bear protecting her cub, The Redner Group (the PR team behind DNF) lashed out at the game’s critics, stating: “Too many… Continue reading

Duke Nukem Forever Delayed, Grass Green, Sky Blue

In news that probably doesn’t surprise anyone, Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford made the announcement via video (above) that the release date for Duke Nukem Forever would be pushed back from May 3rd to June 14th in North America and June 10th worldwide. Cole totally called this, seems his psychic abilities are continuing to grow (if only… Continue reading

New Civilization V Map Pack DLC Doesn’t Make Sense

Those of you that were distracted this past weekend with all the awesome Steam deals may have missed the release of more Civilization V content.  Titled “Cradle of Civilization” each pack includes levels based on real world locations, all designed by Firaxis (the team behind Civilization V). The 4 maps (Mediterranean, Asia, Americas, Mesopotamia) are priced… Continue reading

Borderlands Game of the Year Trailer Brings Back Characters and Claptrap Cursing

Back before Borderlands was released, the game first grabbed my attention with a series of behind-the-scenes videos starring the foul-mouthed, Claptrap. I had seen screenshots and read plenty of gameplay details about their ridiculous amount of weapons, but I didn’t expect the game to have a sense of humor. It went on to be one… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: BioShock Infinite

This week’s REPLY TO ALL is Horrible Night’s reaction to the trailer released by Irrational Games showing off their new game: BioShock Infinite. Colefacekilla I am extremely excited about BioShock Infinite. I loved the setting and atmosphere of the first BioShock and this style is right in my wheel house. I feel like a total… Continue reading