Old School Video Game Propaganda

One trait that all fans of old school video games share is their ability to interpret the rudimentary graphics and use their imagination to get absorbed in a much denser world surrounding the actual game. Artist Steve Thomas has taken his interpretations a step further and created a series of propaganda posters for classic games… Continue reading

It Doesn’t Matter: Blur is a Kart Racer

One of my biggest pet peeves when it come to video game reviews is when the author tries to turn the game into a different game and judges based on that standard. When Ars Technica recently reviewed Blur they wanted the game to be a lot more realistic than the developer, Bizarre Creations, ever intended…. Continue reading

The Citadel in LEGO (Mass Effect)

LEGO artwork never ceases to amaze me, but even more impressive is when someone goes to the lengths to create something that doesn’t physically exist. Catsy CSF took it upon himself to create The Citadel from the Mass Effect series in LEGO form. This means he had to study and interpret the limited views available… Continue reading

Think of the Children: History of Violence

Recently, I have been a strong proponent of a training system for the young gamer. Going back to play games throughout the history of electronic entertainment is a good way to become a better player of today’s games. With people being busier today than ever before, it’s hard to find time to spend with your… Continue reading

Meanwhile… What Up, Snoop?

Meanwhile… we’ve actually been playing games. Each week we recap our recent gaming experiences and tell you what we’re looking forward to, so you can use your time more wisely than we have. Finally, we get to fly the doghouse this week. We’re hoping that aerial combat, modern warfare, and powered-up racing will lure some… Continue reading

The Horrible Show – Cursed – 06-02-2010

On the inaugural episode of The Horrible Show, The Cursed staff of HorribleNight.com discuss the Mass Effect Series, Trials HD, Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, Blur, and the rest of May’s releases. We also highlight the current state of our website. Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com Cast: JDevL, Colefacekilla, Robeque, EndlessBen, JadetigerCG Games: Mass… Continue reading