Just Watched #102 – WWE Hell in a Cell Aftermath

We tried to hold off but the wrasslin talk just starting oozing out of us like a Papa Shango curse. Cole and Justin recap Hell in a Cell and its fallout including ghosts, the future of Mizdow, Cesaro, and Ziggler. Plus NXT and Cole goes to OVW. Acronyms! Just Watched – A spoiler filled discussion about whatever we… Continue reading

Top Video Game Podcast #211 – My Wife Hates It When I Park on the Moon

Aaron loves getting iced in low gravity. Jordan is way too nice of a guy to be a space trucker. Justin is finally comfortable enough to show off his WoW figure. Plus corgis, kittens, bears, and a lot of other things that Epic would rather support. Top Video Game Podcast – Gaming topics worth talking about according… Continue reading