News and… Dracula’s SNES

Looking at the photos of this ridiculous custom SNES, I couldn’t figure out how/if the console worked underneath all of that intricate Castlevania goodness. After checking out the artist’s (Vadu Amka) in progress video though, I’m just wishing I could turn my console on using a skull. That should come standard in all consoles really. Digging… Continue reading

Livestreaming Returns – Gauntlet HoNight Game Night 9/25 9pm EDT – Don’t Shoot the Food

I told you we’d get warmed up. The next step? The return to livestreaming. Coop and I will be live this Thursday (9/25) at 9pm EDT on We will be playing Gauntlet for the very first time. Well, I mean, we’ve played Gauntlet before, just not this Gauntlet. Give us a break it just… Continue reading

News and… Don’t Call It a Nintendo

Anyone who was of the Nintendo Power generation at one time in their life probably thought Nintendo was an infallible company. The Nintendo of the 80s/90s didn’t appear to be the out of touch Japanese company who passed out in their Wii money bin that we see today. Let’s just say the more time that passes the… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Rule This World

We’ve seen some dumb AI lately. But the dumbest AI aren’t necessarily the enemies you are facing, but the other characters that make up your game world. Not all NPC’s are created equal. Not all NPC civilizations are created equal. Which civilization is ripe for the picking? REPLY TO ALL – The Horrible Night contributors answer… Continue reading

Game Time 5914: Killer Greenskeepers Fight Insane Robot Builders

I’m bouncing back and forth between Hotline Miami and BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2 at the moment. Hotline has been one of my goto games if I just want to play something for a few minutes. I’ll knock out a mission and then leave. After seeing the trailer for Wrong Number, it made… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: I Could Use That

Thanks to NASA we now have a working PipBoy 3000 prototype, that got us thinking… REPLY TO ALL – The Horrible Night contributors answer gaming questions and try to determine who has the right opinion. What in-game items could you find a use for in real-life? Justin L – So I was going to say the… Continue reading

Game Time 5214: Civilized Superheroes Golfing with Alien Thieves

I recently made the shift to having my iPad completely dominate my mobile/couch gaming time. I’ll be curious to see if Mario Golf: World Tour can break into my Hearthstone obsession. The math looks right: I love Mario Golf games + it’s been a long ass time since I played Mario Golf or a golf game… Continue reading