Hey! Buy! Steampunk NES Controller Coffee Table

Being crafty in real life isn’t much of my thing. Hell, I struggle at crafty sidejobs within the games themselves. I don’t know how you start down the path of creating a Steampunk NES Controller Coffee Table, but I’m glad the team at Bohemian Workbench did just that. Even more fascinating is individual pieces used… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #002: The Next Hundred Hours

I’ve probably played through the introduction to Borderlands 2 at least 6 times now. For some unknown reason, it took me over 120 hours of Borderlands gaming to finally play with 4 people. I’ve had plenty of duos and a few threesomes, but organizing 4 people on the same platform at the same time takes… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Drop by Notch’s Ceiling

Notch may be hitting his head against the wall with trying to make 0x10c fun to play, but apparently he’s at least bashing his head to some sort of beat. At least that’s where I’m guessing his random rhythmic typing game, Drop, came from. The goal is simple, letters fly at the screen in step… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #001: The Real Heist

I (along with countless others) had been looking forward to Monaco for years. Case and point – the Horrible Night crew actually scheduled and followed through with a 4 player co-op session during launch week. That level of timezone coordination is unheard of for us outside of a charity marathon. The results were not what I… Continue reading

Trialsopoly is Shorthand Monopoly Made In Trials Track Editor

YouTube channel Custom Trials HD Tracks posted a video of a track created by user Jarr3tt88 that has to be seen to be believed. Essentially what the track boils down to is a simple version of the game Monopoly (the rules are explained in the video notes). The most impressive aspect of the video is not necessarily the… Continue reading

Darkwood Brings Horror So Bring Extra Underwear: An Interview with Acid Wizard Studio

Darkwood caught my eye a couple months back based on its art style, atmosphere and “hardcore” take on gaming. Because I’m the curious type, I decided to try and get a hold of the Acid Wizard Studios, the team behind the game. Being the cordial gents that they are, they answered some very hard hitting questions… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Smooth McGroove VGM Acapella

Smooth McGroove, the man is epic enough for his hair and beard alone, but it turns out his voice can recreate just about every instrument used in some truly classic video game songs. I certainly recommend supporting him and his beautiful beard by purchasing his 22 track album on Bandcamp that covers an assortment of… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue, Get Equipped Headline Pun Not Included

Capcom is celebrating the Blue Bomber’s 25th Anniversary with with a collectible statue of Mega Man himself. Standing 10 inches tall the statue also comes with USB powered lights on the base, helmet, and Mega Buster. Mega Man appears to be contemplating whether or not his new owner is an enemy or friend. Hopefully, Dr…. Continue reading