The Horrible Gamer #009: The Tweaked

PC mods are pretty much a right of passage for any PC gamer. Since my March upgrade, I had only been playing the vanilla versions of my favorite games for fear of not knowing where to start with any mods worth using in any game. Then our fellow adventurer, Ethan, provided me with a quick list of… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! K.K. and Friends Animal Crossing Remix Album

The first time I discovered K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing changed my entire outlook on the series. Until that point, I just did my daily chores, decorated my home, and asked myself why I was playing the game before playing again the next day. Afterwards not only did I start adjusting my Saturday night plans… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #008: The British Pinch

The one thing that has always intrigued me about the PlayStation Vita, and this may sound shallow, is the hardware design itself. This is the sexiest portable gaming device available with an even sexier screen. I managed to hold off on purchasing one until very recently, but after I finally upgraded to PlayStation Plus, I… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Tiny Barbarian DX Soundtrack by Jeff Ball

Well, Ethan raved about it in his review of Tiny Barbarian DX, but I had to listen to the soundtrack myself. Holy hell, if this doesn’t make you want to embark on a retro barbarian adventure, you need to get in touch with your gaming roots. Nailed it. The music definitely envokes a sense of… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #007: The Gut Reaction

We’ve talked a lot around here about how co-op enhances most gaming experiences, and now the same can be said for E3. For over 10 years, I’ve consumed E3 coverage almost entirely solo. Sure I always come back around to talking with friends/Horrible Night writers about what I’ve seen, but the actual acts of watching… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Meets the Sounds of Mega Ran

Random aka Mega Ran has returned and has taken on one of the most revered soundtracks of all time, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night with his latest album – Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata. Hip-hop fans of Castlevania will appreciate “the story of the classic game is retold over slick sample flips and loops.” Definitely the most… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #006: The I in Team

I have to hand it to Ronimo Games for its year-long and impressive support of Awesomenauts. I hadn’t played the game in over 9 months, and its appearance in the most recent Humble Bundle reminded me just how busy Ronimo has been at updating the game with new characters, customization options, and overall balancing. It… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Retro Game Music Bundle with Never-Before-Released Albums

  While there are a lot of new albums and artists releasing retro music these days, it’s a bit of a rarity to see music collections of from actual retro games. Retro Game Music Bundle has brought together 13 albums of retro goodness including soundtracks that have never been released from games like Myst, The 7th… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! John Marston vs Revolver Ocelot Short Film

Fan-made crossover videos featuring video games sounds like a risky endeavor, mainly because franchise fans can be jerks. The idea of finding the right crossover, treating it well enough to keep both sides happy, and making it entertaining to the uniformed fills me with enough anxiety to never consider the proposition. In Brett Driver’s latest… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #004: The Release

My gaming brain was definitely focused on my childhood in the past week, mainly because Nintendo isn’t exactly instilling confidence in fans like me heading into E3 (nice try in shutting me up by distracting me with Super Metroid by the way). I’m not sure if it was out of spite that I randomly went… Continue reading