The Horrible Gamer #015: The Importance of Swallowing

I have to actively fight my natural impulse to rate and label just about anything that I consume. Ever since we started livestreaming Game Curious videos and our first play sessions with new games, it has been interesting to for me to not jump to conclusions in front of and along with our audience. I… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Charlie Murder Soundtrack for the Punkocalypse

One of the most impressive and unifying features of Ska Studios’ games is the wicked soundtrack that James and Michelle Silva always put together on top of doing all of the game design and development. Charlie Murder has you playing as a punk band so it’s soundtrack particularly stands out and melts faces. Fans will… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #014: The Directions Failed to Interest Me

For someone who grew up living and breathing official Nintendo Power strategy guides, I’m strangely stubborn when it comes to looking for any sort of guidance in games of the 21st century. When I didn’t have a strategy guide, I learned by diving in head first, and failing, time and time again. I built up… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Devil’s Kiss Vigor from BioShock Infinite

Irrational has unveiled another collectible from the BioShock Infinite universe. This time you can own your very own vigor (no confirmation on whether or not it comes with actual powers). The Devil’s Kiss vigor can be yours for a mere $350. Of course, that’s just the standard edition, you can also get a signed version… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #012: The Leaderboard Needs Losers

We are about to round the corner into our 20th game of the weekly arcade challenge at my office. Let it be known that I love leaderboards and competition among friends. Not only does it build a bit of camaraderie but it also helps you discover new awesome in some of your favorite games. This… Continue reading

Hey! Look! The Passion of Evo 2013 in Photos

The past weekend, the world’s best fighting game players gathered in Las Vegas for the Evo Championship Series 2013. More fans than ever before joined in online to watch their favorite fighters and fighting games. While the fighting game community has been getting a bad reputation due to some unfortunate incidents lately, there is nothing… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #010: The Blocky and Wormy Road Back

Gaming as an escape sometimes isn’t as easy as choosing a random game and just going with it. With so many contrasting highs and lows going on in my personal life lately, I needed a gaming outlet that felt mindless without feeling like a waste of time. I’ve never been so thankful for an alpha… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Animal Crossing’s The Villager Goes Medieval in Skyrim

I’d be really curious to see what the cross-section of Skyrim fans and Animal Crossing fans looks like. I’d have to guess it has to be someone like myself because witnessing a trailer for the The Villager mod in Skyrim made me laugh harder than even that ridiculous Macho Man dragon. Everything starts off nice… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin by OCRemix

I’d say Overclocked Remix made good on its first Kickstarter. In raising over $30,000 to pay for licensing fees and live musicians, it was able to put together its most epic album yet. The end result is a tribute album to Nobuo Uematsu’s classic Final Fantasy VI soundtrack. It’s breadth is only equalled by its… Continue reading