Hey! Buy! 40+ Indie Games Not On Steam Sale

I’m optimistic that Valve will eventually figure out Steam Greenlight to better serve the smaller indie developers out there, but right now things aren’t pretty. Developers aren’t marketers, they aren’t publishers, and working to promote your game can be as time consuming as developing it. The problem continues to be that if you have a… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #020: The Shoots are Contagious

Whenever I used to have stay-at-home sick days, those basically became all day video game marathons. Now, when I’m sick, get me as far away from a screen as possible. I’d rather just sleep and avoid bright lights and noises all together. I even find myself having to ramp back up into gaming a little… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Coin Animated Short

I don’t really carry much change around these days, but I still associate it with the classic arcades of my youth. Exit 73 Studios must have a similar reverence for metal money because its new animated short, Coin, features Donovan Murdock’s quest for revenge on the man who stole his coin. Naturally what caught our… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #019: The Colors and The Nudity

Coming off of two of my more focused weeks of gaming in recent history, I wasn’t really looking for new games to play. After all I was on a mission. A mission of horror immersion that proved to be all consuming even outside of the games themselves. I hate playing horror games around distractions, most… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #018: The Emotions are Exhausting

The rest of the HN staff has been giving me a really hard time about my inability to finish games this year. I’m not making excuses, but my gaming habits have certainly changed in 2013 alongside our increasing amount of livestreams. I will agree, I have blown a few opportunities to finish a few of… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #016: The Pieces are in Place

Currently, I’m juggling 3 playthroughs that I have full intentions of finishing. That makes it easy to feel like I’m wasting my time with one game when things aren’t going so well and I could be playing one of the other two. There seems to be something special about my current threesome of Earthbound, Skyrim,… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Other Places Videos Series Features a Serene Looking at Various Gaming Locales

In watching Ultrabrilliant’s Other Places video series, it is clear to me that I haven’t stopped to smell the video game roses (usually for fear of my character’s safety) in too long. Exploration is probably the biggest sole factor in maintaining my interest in gaming in general. From the technical marvels to the thick atmospheres… Continue reading