I Learned Something Today: Metroid

When you live through an extreme circumstance with someone, it is only natural to feel a strong connection to that person. However, when that person turns out to really be the complete opposite of what you expected, like for instance a woman instead of a man, the memory of that time get seared into your… Continue reading

Games of Shame: Wii Boxing

I look across the ring at my opponent, hoping to catch a glimmer of fear in his wide emotionless eyes. He smiles back at me, his plastic like face turned up in a smile that seems cosmetically engineered to endure whatever pain I toss his way. I want to wipe that stupid grin off his face and replace it… Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim Can Still Be Saved

Things only got worse for our friend, Scott Pilgrim, in his battle vs the Box Office this weekend. Placing in a dismal 10th place overall, time may be running out to #SaveScottPilgrim on the big screen. We haven’t given up as we still hold out hope that geeks will unite to bring others to experience… Continue reading

Video Game MD: Twisted Metal Could Prevent a Car Battle Apocalypse

With an hour long commute to work everyday, I’ve often fantasized about unleashing a barrage of missiles on the next jackass to cut me off . Unfortunately, missiles are expensive and the law has a problem with such antics. Besides, I wouldn’t fare well in jail…there aren’t enough body bags for the other inmates. For those of us that desire freedom, we… Continue reading