I Learned Something Today: Mass Effect

As soon as faster than light (FTL) travel is developed, humanity will be out exploring the great unknowns of space. Borrowing a line from the Boy Scouts, it is never to early to “Be Prepared.” When inter-galactic space travel happens I’ll be ready, thanks to the lessons I learned courtesy of Mass Effect. The Lessons… Continue reading

Games of Shame: Kinectimals

Aww, good job, Zorro! Hey! Stop licking me. Haha. Seriously, stop. Someone will see this… too late. Admittedly, it was never my intention to spend much time with Kinectimals myself, but I had to see it to be able to help any of my friend’s kids play during the upcoming holidays. I was immediately sucked… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Supreme Commander 2

While my distrust for robots has been present since I first watched Terminator, I still often fantasize about what it’d be like to command a mechanized military. While such an occupation would definitely warrant round after round of high fives, the complications related to being a robot general should never be overlooked. These are the… Continue reading

Mail This: Halo: Reach Wasn’t Broke, But Fix It Anyway, Bungie

Dear Bungie, Unlike JDevL, I’m a completionist, and an achievement whore. Whatever. Pigeon-holing aside, I’m cautious in the games that I buy because I know I’m going to go for 1,000/1,000 gamer points, including the “Insane!” achievement. I have a deep appreciation for titles/developers who take care to not only create a game that can… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Worms

I used to take conflicts lightly. I’m a pretty resourceful guy, so I always figured I could talk my way out of any situation or use my environment to my advantage if it came down to it. Little did I know just how quickly things can spiral out of my control. Luckily, I have since… Continue reading

Games of Shame: Flower

When I was younger I used to be somewhat embarrassed about the fact that I played video games. It was usually when that topic of conversation was within earshot of girls. Those days have long passed me by and now I seem to be the go to guy at my “real job” for any video… Continue reading

Counter Gaming: Piracy

I received an email this past week in reference to my Dead Rising 2 post. An unnamed individual was trying to play his pirated version of Dead Rising 2 and was having problems. For those of you not in the know, I had a ton of issues with loading this game. After hours of tweaks… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Costume Quest

It’s been over 15 years since I last followed the Halloween tradition of knocking on a barely known neighbor’s door and asking them to make a difficult life decision. So that’s 15 years of forgetting things that I spent my whole childhood learning. Thanks to Double Fine‘s timely release I can learn things I never… Continue reading

Bad Guy Saturation: What’s Next?

Trendiness has a way of making things we love slowly become things we get sick of. It’s a sad fact, but the movie industry is excellent at running a good idea into the ground and video games are quickly following suite. While I do believe that certain game play elements can contribute to this “been… Continue reading