Arcade Challenge of the Week – Mystic Warriors

Mystic Warriors is set in a dystopian future in New York, where an evil organization known as the Skull Enterprise has taken over the nation and are now plotting a worldwide takeover. The player takes control of one of five young ninja who are being targeted by Skull forces: Spyros, Keima, Kojiro, Brad, and Yuri… – Wikipedia Upon… Continue reading

Brotabulous Moments in Gaming: XCOM: Enemy Within

Warning! Potential Spoilers (baby ones) A year ago, Ethan and his team of XCOM soldiers went head to head with some jerkoff aliens. Thinking he’d saved the planet, Ethan retired from his position as XCOM commander and took to a quiet life of introspection and craft beers. Unfortunately, the alien invaders weren’t quite ready to… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Lakeview Cabin is Relaxing Until It’s Not

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing vacation to a cabin in the middle of nowhere.  For me, the bets part of this scenario is escaping from the everyday stresses in the big city. Unfortunately, cabin living can also have it’s own problems too, especially when one forgets to expect the unexpected. It’s really hard to… Continue reading

Characters That Games Forgot: A Strong Female Character – Veronica Santangelo of Fallout: New Vegas

About two months or so ago, I got sucked back into the wild and whacky world of Fallout: New Vegas. This just happened to coincide with the continued debate about female characters in gaming and whether or not they’re beacons of strength or one dimensional objects to point our erect penises at. Because I want… Continue reading

VG Fashion Police: Resident Evil: Revelations’ Jessica

I’m probably the last person that should be making  judgment calls on people’s clothing choices. I only really own a couple of pair of pants and one of those happen to be lederhosen. After playing Resident Evil: Revelations, however, I feel the need to call out a certain BSAA agent in regards to what she… Continue reading

Mail This: Stay Out of Our Games, Senators Joe Donnelly and Dan Coats

Dear Senators Coats and Donnelly, Among all of the other pieces of news dropping recently regarding the fair city of Washington, D.C., one that has recently re-reared its ugly head is the specter of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). While the Senate, long identified as functioning as the more deliberative house of… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Baron’s Gate Brings Beefy Bows

After a week of heavy drinking, heavy eating and heavy sightseeing in Amsterdam and at Oktoberfest, my mind has been a bit fuzzy. Fortunately, good ol’ EIC Justin Lacey had already prepared for this and sought out a wonderful game to be featured on this week’s Cheap and Dirty Gamer. In fact, Baron’s Gate is of… Continue reading

Taking Offense: Flying Enemies Can Kiss My A**

Congratulations, airborne enemies: you’re officially the biggest jerk-offs in gaming history.  I suppose I could have been a bit more delicate about informing you of this title, but I’m pretty sure you’re already well aware of it. In fact, I don’t really think you mind being the biggest thorn in the sides of gamers everywhere…. Continue reading