Forsaken Fortress Looks Amazing

Being a good journalist means being up to date on all the latest gaming news, especially fresh projects coming our way via Kickstarter. Being that I’m a mediocre journalist, I tend to be a few months behind on things. That doesn’t mean, however that I can’t still get excited when I see something really great… Continue reading

Survive Infections and a Sinking Cruise Liner in SOS: Ship of Sacrifice

While perusing through Kickstarter, I came across an interesting looking game by developer Water Bottle called SOS: Ship of Sacrifice. SOS is an online co-op adventure game that tasks players with escaping a sinking ship after an infection spreads throughout the passengers and crew on board. While the concept sounds intriguing, it was the art… Continue reading

Just 5 More Minutes: Light Gun Heroics, Light Gun Shame with Area 51

As a child, I was heavily influenced by the action stars I saw  in movies and the animated heroes I watched on TV. I wanted nothing more than to be like them as their sense of justice and undying selflessness were traits I was attracted to, even at a young age. I knew one day… Continue reading

Ethan’s 4th of July Gaming Rodeo of Freedom is Live

Because Germany doesn’t celebrate the 4th of July officially, I’m left with an entire day to celebrate the independence of my beloved motherland all alone. Because my fore fathers taught me to never give up, I’ll be streaming a variety of games over on

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC Review: It’s About Time

While I’ve felt pretty good about being an early adopter of the Borderlands 2 season pass, I’ve not exactly been overwhelmed by extra content that’s been made available since the game’s release. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of the package, the last 3 pieces of DLC played it a bit too safe for… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Undead End 2 Surprised My Cynic Muscles

I’ve been reviewing browser games for quite some time now and I’ve learned to take the prospects of zombies games with a grain of salt. Everyone is doing them and while I love zombies, not everyone does them as well as they possibly could. When I first saw Undead End 2, I assumed it would… Continue reading

Part 2 of a Game Jam Based on a Satirical Representation of a Developer Will Use Real Developer’s Quotes as Themes

by with Comments Off on Part 2 of a Game Jam Based on a Satirical Representation of a Developer Will Use Real Developer’s Quotes as Themes

The first MolyJam was a game jam that tasked developers with making video games based off of the ideas of Peter Molydeux, the Twitter account that parodied Peter Molyneux and his outside the box ideas. This year, they’ve upped the ante a bit by requiring developers to make games based on actual Peter Molyneux quotes… Continue reading

Editorial Malfunction: My Old Web Comics and Why I Gave Up On Making Web Comics

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Somebody once said that when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. Well, life has thrown me lemons in the form of writer’s block and video game headline apathy, making my usual “Tuesday editorial” nearly impossible to complete (though I have a very scathing opinion on Pokemon in the hopper for next week). So instead of… Continue reading

E3 13: Ethan’s Obligatory E3 Observation Post

E3 is over and while it’s been nice to get back to the normalcy of video game coverage, I was surprisingly excited by the bevy of information tidbits that came out of the show. Because I respect you all, I’ll keep the E3 saturation to a minimum…starting next week that is. For now, I figured… Continue reading

E3 13: A Different Kind of Apocalypse in The Division

I don’t tend to get too excited when I see the name Tom Clancy attached to things, but The Division has sparked my interest. It’s a massively multiplayer, third person shooter with RPG elements set in a New York City ravaged by a pandemic of some sort. Not to worry, however as this is not… Continue reading