Subway Shenanigans Saturate Metro 2033

Oh those crazy Russians! They’ve been defeated with high school fueled guerrilla warfare, pummeled with Italian pugilism and now they’ve gone and nuked themselves into oblivion in THQ’s latest Metro 2033. Luckily for them and American filmmakers, the ever dangerous Russian machine is alive and well under the streets of Moscow. Metro 2033is a FPS game… Continue reading

Remake It So: Eternal Darkness

During my college years, the Gamecube was my primary source of electronic entertainment. I was financially strapped at the time, so video games had to take a back seat to food, rent and most importantly beer. It was during this time that my cash strapped roommate was forced into the bargain bin section of Gamestop… Continue reading

Think of the Children: Video Games and ADHD

The unknown terrifies us, makes us paranoid and often causes irrational behavior (Salem Witch Trials anyone?). Humanity wants answers and if they can’t have answers they want something to blame. Video games have been the whipping boy for a couple decades now, historically for their violent nature causing players to supposedly become violent themselves and… Continue reading

Remake It So: Body Harvest

Despite their reputation, I’ve never had issues with remakes or reboots. In an age of dwindling originality, I don’t mind seeing someone else’s take on a beloved series or a graphical upgrade on a cult classic. With all the push to bring these oldies back to the limelight, a stalwart of my gaming past has… Continue reading