I Learned Something Today: Supreme Commander 2

While my distrust for robots has been present since I first watched Terminator, I still often fantasize about what it’d be like to command a mechanized military. While such an occupation would definitely warrant round after round of high fives, the complications related to being a robot general should never be overlooked. These are the… Continue reading

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Seeks Television Pilot

AMC has been turning heads with the recent success of The Walking Dead, and now super dorks like myself have yet another piece of relatively obscure intellectual property transitioning onto the small screen. GSC Gameworld, developers of the bleak open world shooter STALKER have fully funded a pilot for the atmospheric wasteland shooter. The media group responsible for putting… Continue reading

Bored Media Accuses Kinect of Racism

Those crazy racists at Microsoft have done it again, finally achieving their goal of creating race bias video game periphreals that only fair skinned individuals can enjoy. Rumors are coming from all corners of the ever reliable internet that the Kinect has arrived with a slew of games and a penchant for prejudice. Thankfully a reliable website stepped up and took the time to really… Continue reading

Dead Celebrity Exploitation = Free Sparkly Glove

Cows the world over will enjoy even more respite time as Michael Jackson continues to be milked for all that he’s worth. Ubisoft will be releasing Michael Jackson The Experience for Wii on November 23, and will incentivize the purchase with a replica of Jackson’s trademarked white glove. The game will give players the opportunity to… Continue reading

Counter Gaming: Piracy

I received an email this past week in reference to my Dead Rising 2 post. An unnamed individual was trying to play his pirated version of Dead Rising 2 and was having problems. For those of you not in the know, I had a ton of issues with loading this game. After hours of tweaks… Continue reading

Digital Farm Takes Precedence Over Actual Baby

A woman accused of shaking her baby to death because his crying interrupted a game of Farmville pleaded guilty to second degree murder this past Wednesday. The 22 year old Floridian thought that the baby may have hit its head while she shook him in an attempt to stop his cries. It’s difficult to maintain neutrality with… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Awesome Reach (Explicit)

WARNING There are elements of this animation that are not appropriate for work and or children. If you’re not at work and are ok with being a bad parent, then go ahead and watch. I’ve yet to play Halo: Reach, but the frequency it comes up in conversation through articles and The Horrible Show leads… Continue reading

Bad Guy Saturation: What’s Next?

Trendiness has a way of making things we love slowly become things we get sick of. It’s a sad fact, but the movie industry is excellent at running a good idea into the ground and video games are quickly following suite. While I do believe that certain game play elements can contribute to this “been… Continue reading