Taking Offense: Flying Enemies Can Kiss My A**

Congratulations, airborne enemies: you’re officially the biggest jerk-offs in gaming history.  I suppose I could have been a bit more delicate about informing you of this title, but I’m pretty sure you’re already well aware of it. In fact, I don’t really think you mind being the biggest thorn in the sides of gamers everywhere…. Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Samsara Room for the Drunk Escape Artist

Knowing how to escape from a room, whether it’s a prison or a prison of your own inebriation, is a very important skill to have in your arsenal. Seeing that I’m halfway through an international romp characterized by inappropriate levels of binge drinking, I decided I should probably practice this skill just in case I… Continue reading

Gorky 17 Retro Review: Worth Some Time Travel

I can’t exactly explain what prompted me to purchase Gorky 17 this past week. While a low price is always attractive, I didn’t really have room in my queue for a game that was first released back in 1999. It’d be one thing if I’d done it for nostalgia related reasons, but I’d never heard… Continue reading

Spark Rising Kickstarter Got a Rise Out of Me

Upon my daily perusal of Steam Greenlight, I came across a title called Spark Rising; a game marketed as a “Build+Battle sandbox game.” Being that I love to both build and battle, I decided to take a look at the trailer and was excited about the prospects of a game with equal parts strategy, creation… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Ragdoll Achievement 2 is a Family Friendly Torture Simulator

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Continuing with the trend I started last week of playing games that require little control but are entertaining nonetheless, I present to you Ragdoll Achievement 2. What can best be described as a torture simulator for crash test dummies, Ragdoll Achievement 2 tasks you with setting up a variety of traps and other pain inducing… Continue reading

Just 5 More Minutes: State of Decay

State of Decay was released this past Friday through Steam Early Access, meaning that there are still some bugs and other issues being worked out. As a result, writing an official review of the PC version wouldn’t be appropriate. Please keep that in mind as while I had very few issues running the game, my… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Monster Craft is Perfect For Lazy, Battle-Thirsty People

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Regardless of how little energy I actually have to expend while playing video games, there are times when I’m too lazy to actually commit to anything that requires the least amount of effort. This is preciously how Monster Craft, a game with little to no actual gameplay, can make it on to Cheap and Dirty…. Continue reading

Ethan Force Action Report: The Writtenization of a Podcast

We’re taking a break from Night Force Action Report this evening so instead of sharing my week of gaming and opinions through spoken word, I’m writing it down on electronic paper. Passive Aggressive Birthday Gifts/Review Requests I got quite a few games this past weekend from the entity that is Horrible Night’s EIC Justin Lacey…. Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Red Extinction is Better Than Soap

Everyone knows that your body’s means of protecting itself from foreign invaders is through the immune system, but I bet few of you know exactly how this works. I was just like you a few hours ago, but after playing Red Extinction I’ve come to realize that these battle are fought from a side-scrolling perspective; there’s a… Continue reading

Gamer’s Journey: Tales of a Minecraft One Upper

Jason and I have been talking about starting a Horrible Night Minecraft server for a while now and this weekend “Horrible Village” came to fruition. Initially, I saw it as an excuse to get back into the game without dealing with the mind numbing loneliness that comes with solo play. The fact that our tight… Continue reading

Outlast Review: Can’t Keep It Up

I was unbelievably nervous the entire day before Outlast’s release and my subsequent livestream of the game. From everything I’d heard, it was being heralded as a GOAT in the horror genre which meant it had the capacity to scare the poop directly out of an unsuspecting player’s bowels and ruin both their reputations and… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Of Cupcakes and Trauma, Papa’s CupCakeria

After playing Outlast most the evening yesterday, I really needed to get my mind into a much lighter and fluffier place. Being the cupcakes are the lightest, fluffiest things I know of, I decided that I’d play Papa’s CupCakeria, a game about running a cupcake bakery. Whether my nerves were still shot from the night… Continue reading