Mail This: Treat the Disease, Not the Symptom

Dear “Jake,” My wife gets one of those magazines with 300 Fashion Tips! and a monthly “The [insert random number] Secrets to Bedroom Fireworks!” article. I don’t make it a habit to read it because, you know, I’m a dude. Last month, though, I was cooking dinner for the two of us and she read… Continue reading

Congress Wants Violent Video Game Labels Based on Rejected Research

I hesitate to call this “news,” since that tends to indicate it’s “new,” but it looks like our honorable elected representatives are (yet again) trying to apply speech-restrictive legislation to games, regardless of the ever-growing list of state and federal case law confirming that video games are a form of expression and, therefore, protected by… Continue reading

Help Congressman Issa Crowdsource ACTA

Like just about every other site on the internet, Horrible Night got worked up (and encouraged our readers to do the same) regarding the SOPA/PIPA bills back a couple of months ago (if you need to catch up on what happened with SOPA/PIPA, check out this excellent article by Larry Downes at Forbes). This time, we’d… Continue reading

Vessel Reflex Review: Puzzling Out Fluid Dynamics

I feel bad starting out the reflex review for Vessel with this but: the music (by John Hopkins) and sound (directed by Leonard Paul) is awesome. That’s not to take away from the rest of the game at all, since I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve gotten to spend with it so far, but the combination of… Continue reading

I Confess: No Nintendo Gaming Roots

Alright, I’ll come out and say it before I start rattling off excuses and justifications: all of those classic Nintendo and Super Nintendo games that we talk about as genre-starters or so-good-they’re-still-fun-to-play? With the exception of Contra (which I beat on XBLA), Bionic Commando (which I beat in my first all-nighter), and Super Mario World… Continue reading

Spider-man & Venom: Maximum Carnage Retro Review: Don’t Spawn Your Symbiote

Some things are better left to history. Cartridge games and Topher Grace playing Venom are probably two of them, but 3/4 view beat-em-ups and awesome soundtracks aren’t, particularly when they’re coupled together. When you consider a game from 1994 whose “awesome soundtrack” was written by Green Jellÿ (no, seriously, go watch that video), what seemed like damn… Continue reading

Gaming Crushes: Wild Rides with the Mediocre

I’m almost sorry I’m not around to see Justin L.’s reaction when he sees me explaining that, in secret, I have a crush on RPGs and quite a few of them are bad RPGs. You see, over the years, I’ve casually spurned the well-received RPG powerhouses from Square Enix and Sierra and even the RPG/action mix… Continue reading