Dishonored Review: Assassination at Reasonable Prices

Although it may be a little unusual, I need to start this review off with an apology to Bethesda. I’ve often said that, despite the time I’ve spent playing their games, that I wasn’t the biggest fan, that their combat & character interaction just didn’t work for me, whether it was in Elder Scrolls IV… Continue reading

Just Ask: Good Buy Kinect?

Question: With the recent price drops, integration of lots of music and video apps, and the growing number of motion-based games available for the Xbox 360, is it worth it to purchase the 4GB Xbox 360 to use as a combination fitness/entertainment hub? – Brandi, Indianapolis, Indiana Responders: Brandon Coppernoll & Justin Gifford with Justin Lacey Justin… Continue reading

Sony Folds on Proteomics

Back in January, we reported on some pretty exciting (nerdy) news about a game called FoldIt that relied on human wetware (brains) to figure out proteins’ most efficient folding structures… which only sounds moderately interesting until you realize that figuring out these proteomic puzzles can help researchers develop vaccines and other treatments for Disease. Yes,… Continue reading

Taking Offense: I Don’t Wanna Rebel

A couple of months ago, I picked up Rage because it was criminally underpriced for $15. While I was enjoying the heck out of the game, I basically ignored the story line because: vanilla. However, as I wrapped it up, it occurred to me that the entire game was based on the premise that the Authority… Continue reading

WTF Is This: Assault Rifle Controller

Everyone who’s a dash person already knows what I’m talking about. If you’re a car-person, it’s the 1962 Ferrari GTO. If you’re a shoe-person, it’s a  pair of Christian Louboutins. And so on. If you’re not a dash person, you still know how it goes – if you’ve ever spent any time on ThinkGeek, reading… Continue reading

Speculate Iterate: Valve Exploring Hardware Options

If you pay any attention to the gaming industry whatsoever (which we can assume that you do, you’re here, aren’t you?) you know that there’s a respectably restrained buzz about Valve Corporation’s RFQ for an industrial designer. Coupled with Valve CEO Gabe Newell’s known…disdain may be too strong of a word for it, so let’s… Continue reading