Jury Finds EA Liable for Stealing Plays from Madden Programmer

So this story actually popped up almost two weeks ago, but because the only areas of the law that I get really excited about (mostly) aren’t the areas I practice in, I wanted to take a minute to digest the filings that I could get my hands on (one of them is redacted all to hell… Continue reading

Tried It: Defiance

I’ve got a fairly diverse game collection. Indie, a few sports, some classics, WRPGs, shooters, sandboxes, strategy – in fact, the only traditionally console-based genre you won’t find in my library is JRPGs, which I’ve talked about before. However, with the release of Defiance, I’ve had the opportunity to get into one of the most… Continue reading

NASA, Game Jams, and the Wizard of Oz

Aside from Twue Wuv, there are only two things more awesome than video games: dinosaurs and NASA. Although I’m convinced that the entire organization must  be filled with some of the most humble people on the planet (they landed a car on Mars with an annual budget of 0.48% of total Federal expenditure and refrained… Continue reading

(Unconstitutional) Video Game Laws: Episode # “I’ve Lost Count”

Is anyone feeling deja vu-ish? We’ve got another debate about the debt ceiling, the EU may-or-may-not collapse like a house of cards (again), and we’ve got legislators (one federal, this time) proposing bills that are so clearly violative of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution that I can only imagine two scenarios where… Continue reading