I’ll Trade You Cherry Garcia for Dead Space

Someone mentions lobsters, you know they’re talking about Maine. Someone mentions the death penalty, they’re talking about Texas. Someone mentions some dude eating someone else’s face off, Florida. Get the idea? Now, quick: a publicly elected law enforcement official spends tax dollars to give kids ice cream in return for turning in their ‘violent’ video games…. Continue reading

Why We Write

Dear Readers, We took the summer off. It wasn’t expected, but it was probably needed. We were all pretty quiet over the summer, not having a lot of conversations and having our own very eventful lives to deal with. But we decided to come back. Why? We don’t get paid; we all have full-time jobs…. Continue reading

Level 2. Ready? Start!

The movie Alien, in addition to employing classic Gothic horror tropes for its terror, used men’s fear of pregnancy as one of the primary disturbing motifs that have made the movie a classic in the horror genre (the only thing sci-fi about that movie is that it’s an ‘alien’… although, so is an infant). Just… Continue reading

Professor, Queens Counsel, Gamer: An Interview with Jon Festinger

Pick 10 of my work-days randomly. Somewhere between 8 and 9 of them will find me enjoying my job, or at the very least, not minding it. That means that without introducing in-desk beer dispensers or post-lunch naps, it’d be pretty hard to make me happier at work. Unless I had Professor Jon Festinger’s job…. Continue reading

Jammed Some Games, Cured Some Cancer, No Big Deal

I’ve seen a Game Jam in the flesh, but I don’t Jam (that’s what it’s called, right?) because I lack even a rudimentary understanding of coding, so watching people create games from scratch in a collectivist twister of caffeine and e-cigarettes is borderline sorcery to me. Similarly, when my brother in law, a MD/PhD specializing… Continue reading

EA Gets “Tuck Rule” Victory Over Madden Designer Courtesy of CA Northern District Court

I have not and will not claim to be an expert in Intellectual Property law. I’ve never passed the patent bar and, frankly, IP attorneys tend to be a little…strange. With that disclosure of a lack of practice-area expertise, I’m having a hard time with District Judge Breyer’s conclusions in granting EA a reprieve from… Continue reading

Skewering Media Reports Never Gets Old

Here at Horrible Night, we’re kind of like family. And just like family, you know whose buttons to push to get them riled up, which is why the future Mrs. Lacey knew that I was the guy this story, brought to you by Indianapolis’ own WRTV 6, needed to go to. I’m not sure how… Continue reading

WTF Is This: Comrad Gaming Helmet

Every so often, you come across something that’s just so unusual that you question whether capitalism and all of the creativity common to it is really that good of an idea. Today, while trying to shop for the Horde, otherwise known as my many cousins, was one of those times. Without further adieu, I present… Continue reading

Child’s Play Expands to Help “Hidden Victims”

I’m going to open this up by saying that I think that Mike Krahulik has said some stupid things that I personally find offensive and seem counter to the mission statement of PAX; when it comes to Child’s Play, which is the charitable organization founded by Penny Arcade, I don’t give a shit. It’s a… Continue reading

Mail This: Stay Out of Our Games, Senators Joe Donnelly and Dan Coats

Dear Senators Coats and Donnelly, Among all of the other pieces of news dropping recently regarding the fair city of Washington, D.C., one that has recently re-reared its ugly head is the specter of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). While the Senate, long identified as functioning as the more deliberative house of… Continue reading

Flashback Review: What’s Old is… Still Kind of Old. Again.

There’s a legitimate argument to be made that rebooting a classic game franchise isn’t the valueless, naked cash grab we have with Hollywood (seriously, Sony Pictures? Spider-Man?). In addition to massive graphics improvement, controls have gotten better in both form factor and performance, sound is immeasurably improved, and you have the internet to explain to… Continue reading