Mail This: Only the Mechs Can Save Christmas

Dear Former Developers of Mech Games, I was writing a retrospective last week and I realized that the Awesomeness (which is like Mana, except in a fight between Awesomeness and Mana, Awesomeness wins) is leaking out of the world and it is your fault.  I can grudgingly accept that the market will only support one… Continue reading

Metaltech: Earthsiege Retro Review: Robots Make a Gamer

Every person who identifies himself as an -er remembers the watershed moment that made them want to be an –er, and by –er, I don’t mean the onomatopoeic word used in conjunction with “Um” and “well,” I mean the suffix attached to activities to make a person a part of a group.  E.g., a soccer player, a… Continue reading

Mail This: The Zombiepocalypse is Getting Out of (Severed) Hand

Dear Zombie Overlord, I realize that the Zombiocracy is more reminiscent of Germany when it was nothing but a loose affiliation of principalities than one would expect with your tyrannical-sounding title, but it’s time to put on your Bismark pants over your cold, rotten yet still motive corpse and create some order like it’s 1871…. Continue reading

Mail This: Halo: Reach Wasn’t Broke, But Fix It Anyway, Bungie

Dear Bungie, Unlike JDevL, I’m a completionist, and an achievement whore. Whatever. Pigeon-holing aside, I’m cautious in the games that I buy because I know I’m going to go for 1,000/1,000 gamer points, including the “Insane!” achievement. I have a deep appreciation for titles/developers who take care to not only create a game that can… Continue reading