Full House Tournament Fighter: You Got It Dude

If you were a child growing up in the late 80’s/early 90’s, you probably spent some time playing video games on Friday night but only after watching ABC’s Friday night programming block, TGIF. One of the standout shows from the original TGIF line-up was Perfect Strangers, but since there hasn’t been a video game made… Continue reading

Videogame History has been Kickstarted

There is going to be a videogame history museum. After meeting and surpassing their original kickstarter goal, the good folks behind The Videogame History Museum sent out a letter of thanks to the museum’s supporters. Initially the goal was $30,000 but gamers stepped up again and donated $50,266 to the cause. The bulk of the… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Super Mario Kart

Racing is a part of the American psyche. People spend thousands of dollars every year to follow their favorite driver around the country. It also has a huge presence on television with an entire network dedicated to racing. But what about the non-regulatory racing that is also out there? This is where I thrive and… Continue reading

Case Your iPhone with Retro Gaming Goodness

There are a ton of options out there in terms of cases for iPhones, but none are as cool as the ones created by Strapya World. The site is carrying seven video game related cases in total. There are four Sega related cases (Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, and Puyo Puyo), two Final Fantasy cases (Final Fantasy… Continue reading

There are Turrets in my Bastion

Bastion was just released last week on Steam and there is a nifty little surprise item in there. The Gel Cannister, with an Aperture Science logo, allows the Kid to throw down a familiar helping hand wherever he pleases. What it produces is everyone’s favorite lonely Portal turrets who then shoot every enemy that crosses… Continue reading

Games of Our Wives: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

My wife’s gaming habits are strange. She likes point and click adventure games like Myst and Monkey Island. But she also likes puzzle games like Zuma and Angry Birds. However, on certain occasions she’ll gravitate towards a game that I had no idea she’d love. When she first played New Super Mario Bros. on the… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Official Pac-Man Clothing Line

Every season, a fashion house comes up with a theme and makes clothes to fit that theme. That being said, Japanese clothier Varosh has teamed up with Namco Bandai to bring a Pac-Man clothing line to stores. As part of their “Electric Night” theme, Pac-Man will be adorning boxers, shoes, ties, shirts and even rings…. Continue reading