Angry Birds Plush Toys Coming in 2011

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time anticipating the release of something Angry Birds related (Game Center update?), and it looks like that’s not going to change any time soon. However, someone had the brilliant idea to make Angry Birds plush toys and they should be available sometime in 2011. If you come to… Continue reading

Finally A Sonic Hat Worth Wearing

I honestly hadn’t even heard of Sonic Colors yet, but it’s on my must-buy list now thanks to this sweet GameStop preorder bonus. Apparently you get this felt Sonic hat if you preorder the game for Wii or DS. I called my local store to ask if they had any I could try on to… Continue reading

Drink Some Gaming History In Your Atari Glasses

Being an adult gamer has its perks, mainly in that we’re in control of our money now and can waste it on whatever products we see fit. Case in point, these awesome Atari-themed glasses available from ThinkGeek. I grew up with the retro Asteroids arcade cabinet in my room, so I’m considering picking these up… Continue reading

BioShock 2 Big Daddy Rosie from NECA

NECA knows how to make awesome toys, but now they’re just showing off with this upcoming Big Daddy Rosie figure from BioShock 2. The action figure will be available this June or July, and looks more than ready to terrorize the Mario and Luigi you already have on your desk. Source: Toy News International

Arcade Cabinet Built Out of LEGO

Like most gamers, I’ve gotten the urge to build my own arcade cabinet quite a few times, but in the end I just settled with modding my Wii. One enterprising individual took the custom arcade concept a little further and built one entirely out of LEGO. Well, I salute you sir. Sources: Destructoid (More Pics)