Jurassic Park The Game Roars in April

A few months ago, all we had heard about the Jurassic Park game coming from Telltale Games was that it was in fact coming. We had no details, no images and no trailers to whet our appetites for what might be coming. All we had was our imaginations and I don’t think they will be let down.

Details are still sparse, but the trailer finally gives us a glimpse at how Telltale will transition to a bit different subject matter than their previous games. The first episode will be released in April and you can pre-order now and save $5 off the complete price.

Why is that T-Rex picking on a juvenile Torosaurus?

Telltale has been very successful with their episodic adventure games that they create, and I’m sure Jurassic Park will be no different. We only have a few months to wait until we see just what kind of non-comedic game they can create.


Telltale Games (image)