Alice: Madness Returns is Looking Certifiable

Alice: Madness Returns

You so crazy

I’m not one for pre-rendered trailers, but in the case of a long awaited sequel (11 years) to one of my favorite games having to do with some of my favorite subject matter, I couldn’t help form an evil grin while watching the newest trailer for Alice: Madness Returns.

I love watching Wonderland descend into chaos, and the face of sheer terror in Alice’s at that moment. The original American McGee’s Alice was one of the trippiest gaming experience I’ve ever played through. It has left very distinct visual memories in the minds of its fans for years. We’ve waited a long time to go crazy with Alice again, most of us had given up on it happening again, especially at the hands of American McGee. Even if Alice continues to have trouble discerning what is real and what isn’t, the game itself is only coming closer to reality.


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