The Horror of Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gets Boxed Up February 22

What I imagine the inside of the box looks like

The trend of boxed games going digital gets the reverse treatment here as Amnesia: The Dark Descent is finally getting its own little place on retail shelves. Getting your own box in the world of video games must be similar to growing a sweet moustache or touching a girl’s boobs for the first time, so congratulations, Amnesia.

If you like scary games but are adverse to digital downloads, you should definitely go out and purchase the title when it hits store shelves on Feb. 22nd. It is still an entertaining game even if you get too scared and only get about thirty minutes in. Despite having a first person perspective, this isn’t anything like Call of Duty and it isn’t multiplayer so you’ll be questioning the sexuality of imaginary people if you take the same approach to playing Amnesia as you do those titles.


Giant Bomb (image)