Eternal Darkness Ending Concepts by John Dobbie

Bones make for intriguing design options

John Dobbie is a former Silicon Knights artist who worked on one of my favorite games of all time, Eternal Darkness. Joystiq happened across his Behance art page the other day and it just so happened to feature some concept art for what could have happened in that game had the evil gods gotten their way. Everything from bone sculptures to zombie infested cities are featured in the Eternal Darkness section, but there’s also some pieces from other games on his page as well. Check it out, especially if you love behind the scenes looks at how games are made.

If I could have any job in the gaming industry, it would most definitely be that of “concept art guy”. Not that I’m a great artist by any means but I think it’d be awesome to sketch out ideas that could make it into an actual game. I also realize that concept art guy probably needs to be “3D modeling guy” and “animation guy” as well, so I’m probably screwed there.


John Dobbie (Behance)